Karbofin Forte 60 caps

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Karbofin forte 60 caps

Food additive VEGETABLE CARBON 150 mg and fennel and chamomile extracts standardized. The product is helpful for improving the digestive process and in case of gastro-intestinal cramps, is useful in case of bloating, flatulence and a feeling of napalnenost.

Active ingredients
Vegetable carbon 150 mg, Fennel, seed titrated dry extract, 0.5% essential oil 30 mg, Fennel, seed powder 30 mg, Chamomile, color, titrated dried extract 0.3% api-genes 25 mg Fennel essential oil, 5 mg, Anise 5 mg essential oil, Peppermint essential oil 5 mg.

coverage: food grade gelatin, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide

The product is recommended primarily to reduce the swelling and the feeling of pre-saturation, typically with dyspepsia at the end of meals, are also recommended for people with digestive disorders of various origins. Limited meteorism, bloating and intestinal pain.

Vegetable carbon powder: the plant absorbs carbon efficient intestinal gas produced by bacterial fermentation of gas substances and toxins in the gut. Activated charcoal can effectively relieve swelling and meteorism intestinal, stomach aches and digestive problems. Can be used for absorptive properties also in case of diarrhea.
Use Directions:
2 capsules daily with water after eating