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Calorex 30 caps

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    Calorex 30 caps  Size:  30 Capsules Action: CALOREX  / KALOREKS  Kapsuli Melted fat of the abdomen and waist Calorex has beneficial effects in weight management, burning abdominal fat, regulating blood sugar. What is Calorex? Calorex is a natural product combin..

    Calorex 30 caps 

     30 Capsules


    Melted fat of the abdomen and waist

    Calorex has beneficial effects in weight management, burning abdominal fat, regulating blood sugar.

    What is Calorex?
    Calorex is a natural product combination of two mutual potentiation ingredients. Each capsule contains 500 mg Calorex extract of Garcinia Cambogia (hydroxycitrate) and 100 mcg
    bioactive chromium.

    What is the role of hidroksitsitrat in Calorex?
    Hydroxycitrate reduces fat by increasing the burning and suppression of their synthesis. He has a gentle proteins act as selectively burn fat. Suppresses appetite and increases the basic metabolism. For these mechanisms Hydroxycitrate helps to reduce
    body weight without drastically reducing the amount of food consumed. As an additional effect Hydroxycitrate reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and water
    to normalization of hyperlipidemia.

    What is the role of chromium picolinate in Calorex?
    Bioactive chromium is biologically active form of chromium. Plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and is an indispensable co-factor of insulin. Chromium deficiency leads to
    reduction in thermogenesis and increased synthesis of fat. Deficiency of chromium causes functional disturbances in the heart of appetite and cause "false" hunger. Pikolinatat Chromium reduces body weight by suppressing appetite and increasing basic metabolism. Moreover, decreased serum cholesterol and increased levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) - called. lipoproteins good.

    What is a rational combination Calorex?
    Alone, and chromium Hydroxycitrate pikolinatat are effective for weight reduction. Studies show that their combination is potentiated to reduce weight and increase three times the success, than with diet alone. Calorex potentiates the effect of diet and physical activity. After applying the Calorex for eight weeks, weight decreased by more than 5kg, but only diet - 2kg. Calorex ensures strict adherence to the prescribed weight-loss diet, greater vitality and a greater suppression of appetite.

    What are the advantages of Calorex?
    With Calorex achieve weight reduction in a natural healthy way without starving and without observed side effects by:
    - selectively increase fat burning
    - gentle protein action
    - reducing the formation of fat
    - suppression of appetite
    - increase the basic metabolism
    Moreover Calorex reduces the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.

    How to take Calorex?
    2 capsules daily 30 minutes before meals.

    How to achieve maximum effect with Calorex?
    - movement
    - Diet
    - Calorex

    The products are manufactured in accordance with the highest requirements of good manufacturing practice. Store in a dry and
    reach of children, at a temperature below 30 ° C.

    Weight problems?

    Overweight and obesity are the most common metabolic disorders in modern society. Recently they acquired epidemic proportions. Over 50% of people are overweight or obese. Being overweight affects self-esteem, but more importantly it creates a serious risk to
    health, leading to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer and others. Obesity e result of many factors, but play a key role food and motor
    mode. To determine the degree of obesity is most commonly used Body Mass Index (BMI), and for obesity from typhoid type used waist circumference (over 94 cm in
    men and 80 cm for women).

    Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)

    BMI = (weight in kg) / (height in m?)

    How to successfully lose weight?

    For permanent and healthy weight loss is needed comprehensive program involving rational nutrition, physical activity and use of therapeutic products.


    There is no "magic diet" for weight loss. Are not recommended diets for quick weight reduction. Any change in diet should be gradual. Rational diet meets daily needs of essential nutrients. Severe low calorie diet can have serious health consequences, and therefore they necessarily medical supervision. Physical activity for weight loss should be moderate, rather than debilitating. Otherwise it
    will lead to increased appetite.

    PRODUCTS weight reduction

    Still not found "pill-miracle" weight loss, but in practice is widely applied synthetic drugs and natural products.

    Synthetic drugs

    In obese usually drugs are not recommended as the primary therapy. Using them gives temporary results. All "fat melting" synthetic drugs should be administered under strict medical supervision.


    Natural alternative to synthetic drugs are natural products. They are virtually harmless and have proved their effectiveness over the years. For many, there are many compelling scientific evidence and significant clinical experience.
    Family Calorex a group of such products.


    - Eat more frequently but in smaller quantities

    - Reduce intake of salt and refined sugar

    - Do not expose to heavy diets hipokaloriyni

    - Eat more fruits and vegetables

    - Do not overdo it with foods rich in animal fats

    - Move more

    Calorex 30 caps

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