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Doppelherz Active Vitamin C + Zink

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    Doppelherz Active Vitamin C  + Zink 15 tabsFor strong immunity and workability !For strong immunity and antioxidant cell protection.Fatigue and fatigue.To protect against colds.In sport and physical exercise.Soluble tablet for faster absorption.Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal functi..

    Doppelherz Active Vitamin C  + Zink 15 tabs

    For strong immunity and workability !

    For strong immunity and antioxidant cell protection.

    Fatigue and fatigue.

    To protect against colds.

    In sport and physical exercise.

    Soluble tablet for faster absorption.

    Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system and protect the cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and fatigue.

    Soluble form for faster absorption!

    Taste of red orange and pomegranate


    • Fatigue and fatigue

    • For an unbalanced diet

    • For unhealthy lifestyle (for smokers)

    • For physical exercise and sports

    • For antioxidant protection

    • For better protection during the flu season!


    Keep out of the reach of small children at temperatures below 25 ° C!

    Recommended Intake:

    One tablet a day, dissolved in a glass of water (200ml).



    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Nutritional supplements can not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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