Ecophane Comprimes

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Ecophane Comprimes


*ECOPHANE + Tablets is a food supplement especially formulated to strengthen,

stimulate and protect hair and nails by means of its very complete combination

of L-cystine, vitamins and trace elements. L-Cystine, a sulphurated amino acid

naturally found in the structure of keratin and an essential constituent of nails

and hair, promotes the quality and growth of nails and hair while protecting

them from external damage (pollution, sunlight, etc.).

*Its vitamin complex (B5, B6, B8, PP) combined with Magnesium and Zinc,

stimulates the metabolic aactivity of the hair follice and strengthens its struducture.

*Through its richess in bioavailable nutrients, spirulin, ablue-green alga rich in

sulphurated amino acids, completes the supply of ingredients. This, the hair

and nails recover their strenght, vitality and luster.



2 tablets daily to be swallowed with a glass of water at meal time, in 1 or 2 administraions.

For optimal effeciveness, a treatment of 3 months twice a year is recommended.


Precautions for use:

food supplements must be used as part of a varied diet and kept out of the reach

of children