LE DIECI ERBE 100 tab.

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Laxative tablets 100 % natural origin , anthraquinone containing herbs , suitable for people with intestinal atony , as it stimulates peristalsis . Contains Cascara , Aloe Ferox , Senna , Fennel, Liquorice, Gentian , Dandelion, Rhubarb, Rhamnus Alpine , Horehound . Suitable for medium severity of constipation and for those who already makes use of laxatives , you should not abuse it. If he wants to gradually reduce the dose , it is good to associate it with high-fiber laxatives that create "mass" in the gut and exert more physiological stimulus .
It does not contain gluten , added preservatives , artificial coloring , ogm . Suitable for vegetarians .

How to use: start with one tablet at night, before bedtime , gradually increasing , though the effect is not sufficient, up to a maximum of 4 tablets. Assume the effective dose from one to three or four times a week , or daily if necessary.

Warning : not recommended in pregnancy and childhood. The use of laxatives drastic taken in excessive amounts , so as to cause diarrheal phenomena , may interfere with the absorption of any medications or supplements taken , including birth control pills.
We suggest that you take this product at least 2 hours after taking other medications or supplements , in turn, to take medications or other supplements 3 hours after the product.

Pack of 100 tablets