200 men 12 x 7ml LABO

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Crescina Stem Complete Treatment 200 men 12 x 7ml LABO

Take the place of his knife to cut respectively naampuli made ??of hard plastic, which is included in the package.




Place the blade on the ampoule, just circling go.Stisnete knife between the fingers and cut the top of the ampoule and exercise gently but firmly pressing on the ampoule.




Take the location of the dispenser cap.




Insert the appropriate dosage on the open ampoule.




Remove cap from dispenser.




Apply the preparation on the scalp, line by line, and focus on areas with thinning hair. Make it easy penetration with mild massaging.




Use Directions:

This product should be applied every other day on fresh and dried scalp. To be an effective treatment with Crescina Re-Growth, it must be of at least two months.

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