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ABOKA MELILAX micro enema for adults

ABOKA MELILAX micro enema for adults 10 g * 6


Melilax is an innovative copper-based microenema, combining a balanced cleansing action with a protective and soothing action on the rectal mucosa, which successfully counteracts discomfort, irritation and inflammation due to constipation.
Melilax is suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Melilax has a cleansing non-irritating effect and therefore generates a physiological and balanced stimulus to activate defecation.
In addition, Melilax, thanks to its viscosity and properties similar to those of physiological musk, protects the rectal mucosa during the passage of feces, simulating the lubricating action of physiological musk.
These specific properties, in combination with the antioxidant action, give the product the ability to protect and soothe the mucous membrane through an indirect anti-inflammatory action due to the physical characteristics of the product.

Melilax is suitable for the treatment of constipation, even in the presence of visceral hypersensitivity (for example, in case of irritable colon), rachis and hemorrhoids.

Application method:

1. Open the microenema by removing the protective cap on the applicator.

Grab the round white ring located above the soft vial.
With your other hand, bend the applicator guard until it breaks and completely separates from the ring.
Remove the applicator guard.

2. Apply a few drops of the product to the perianal area and carefully insert the applicator into the rectum.

3. Push the microenema all the way, and at the end of the application, keep it pressed until the applicator is completely removed, to avoid reabsorption of the product.



Aboca Aboca is an Italian brand dedicated to the production of natural products and nutritional supplements based on herbal ingredients. Aboka strives to create products that combine traditional values and scientific discoveries in the field of herbs and natural medicine. One of Aboca's key beliefs is that nature is an important source of health and harmony. Therefore, the brand uses only carefully selected herbs grown in an ecological way and combines them with modern production techniques to create products of high quality and efficiency. Aboca offers a variety of products including herbal teas, herbal extracts, oils, syrups, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Each product is created with special care and attention to detail to ensure the best impact on health and well-being. As a company, Aboca stands out for its science and research. They are actively engaged in conducting scientific research and collaborating with universities and research institutes to expand knowledge in the field of herbs and natural medicine. In addition, Aboca also stands out for its environmental commitment. They grow their herbs in their own ecological agricultural gardens and actively care about environmental protection and sustainable development. With Aboca, you can be confident that you are getting high quality products that have been developed with your health and well-being in mind. Let's discover the power of nature together with Aboca and enjoy achieving optimal health.
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