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ABOPHARMA LINEN OIL capsules 1000 mg * 60

ABOPHARMA LINEN OIL capsules 1000 mg * 60


Purpose: Normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels are essential for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. The human body cannot produce Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids on its own, so they must be obtained as part of a varied daily diet. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) from linseed oil contributes to maintaining a normal concentration of cholesterol in the blood. ABO PHARMA's linseed oil keeps the circulatory system and triglycerides in the normal state.

Recommended intake: 2 capsules daily.
To achieve an optimal result, it is necessary to take the product for no less than 3 months.

IMPORTANT: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a varied and healthy diet.

This product does not contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)!



ABOPHARMA Abo Pharma is a German company specializing in the production and distribution of high quality nutritional supplements and natural health products. Founded in 1996 by Hubertus Bonk, it has since built a reputation as a trusted partner in people's health and well-being. The Abo Pharma catalog is a rich combination of natural supplements and vitamins suitable for different ages, different diseases, activity and lifestyle. Particular attention is also paid to the care of children's health and the encouragement of children to take the vitamins they need. Abo Pharma nutritional supplements use the purest and highest quality ingredients. The brand's commitment is to provide innovative and effective solutions backed by scientific research to boost the immune system and help prevent common health problems.
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