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ABSTINAL 200 tabs - alcoholism and hepatic impairment

How does it work? Alcohol dependence is a disease that occurs and flows in a certain way.

The main feature of addiction is that one continues to drink despite the damage he suffers as a result. Attempts to stop drinking end in failure. This is contrary to the instinct for self-preservation of man; The negative consequences of alcohol abuse affect the whole human organism and all spheres of life. The addicted person is not able to solve most of his problems by himself; Everyone can become addicted to alcohol if he drinks in a way that puts him at risk. It does not depend on strong will, moral principles or character.

There are three sets of addictive factors - psychological, biological and social:

Psychiatric factors: problems, nervous crises, fear, depression, loneliness, lack of stability;

Biological factors: "intolerance to alcohol", ability to "carry a lot";

Social factors: reduced self-esteem, companies, way to eliminate communication inhibitions;

These factors are beneficial but not decisive for the emergence of dependence. The main factor is the frequent, risky use of alcohol. Alcohol or alcohol dependence is a disease where social use has passed to another level - a biological process. Substances do not have power over people. People are addicted, not substances in their own right. One of the goals of addiction to alcohol is to achieve some relief in tense situations, another goal - to serve as an alibi or to "escape" from inadequate actions in complex life circumstances, to be used as an excuse for escape from responsibilities.

How and how much can be taken? 2 tablets three times a day after a meal. Indications: for alcoholism and hepatic impairment.

The composition of Abstinal is completely natural and natural. These are herbal extracts, vitamins and supplements that affect:

improving liver function - a particularly strong effect on liver enzymes

stabilize the nervous system - reduce nervous excitability and affect brain reserves - feel for stability and comfort

influence the psyche and naturally reduce the desire for alcohol thus helping to strengthen the person and the personality

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Tomil Herb
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