Acti K2 50 tabs

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Acti K2 50 tabs

Coating of vitamin K2 and D3 – the essential fatty acid formulas of vitamins.Their complex presence allows proper absorption in the body and improves health on bones, teeth, joints and skin.

Acti K2 a two-component nutritional supplement that favors normal calcium absorption.This mineral is vitally important to the human body, having a major role in the construction of the skeleton and the teeth.

vitamin D3

vitamin K2

Acti K2 :

Improves calcium absorption from bone and improves bone density accordingly

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by the accumulation of calcium on the walls of the blood vessels
maintains the normal calcium concentration in the blood

Helps heal broken bones

Has a beneficial effect on muscle function

When vitamin D3 is taken, the production of the protein that leads to calcium in bone – inactive osteocalcin is increased. In order to activate this protein, vitamin K2 is needed, which carboxyses osteocalcin, thus it is activated and able to efficiently transport calcium present in the bloodstream to the bone.

Another protein that is also dependent on vitamin K2 is the matrix GLA-protein found in the blood vessel walls. Vitamin K2 also has an activating role on this protein that exudes calcium from the walls of the blood vessels and soft tissues, and also prevents future calcium build-ups on the veins and arteries.


The recommended daily dose is one tablet. Higher doses can be taken after consulting a doctor.


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