Allga San Arnika

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Allga San Arnika Lotion 100 ml

Allga San Arnika Lotion 100 ml

Arnika Lotion suitable for rubbing and massage, refreshes, tonifies and restores.
Extremely suitable for athletes, application in the course of physical exercise.


Products containing Arnica are effective means of reducing the effects of haematomas and bruises and injuries.

Arnica products are used to treat sports injuries and everyday, sprains, bruises, muscle raztyazheniya and are especially effective in haematomas. Suitable for quick recovery after injury and surgery, and should not be applied on open wounds, relieve swelling, promote the rapid spreading of the hematoma.

Allga San Arnika – action


Mechanism of action:

It works by stimulating the activity of white blood cells retained in the blood in the hematoma, assisting the spreading of liquids from damaged joints and muscles, and the injured tissue.

It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action that helps reduce pain and swelling, and indirectly accelerates wound healing.

allga san arnika


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Natur Produkt
Natur Produkt

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