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Almaloks a balanced gel of aluminum and magnesium hydroxide combined with carminative ingredient simethicone . Act quickly neutralize excess stomach acid and the action of pepsin in the stomach , helps the healing process through the beneficial effect of the protective mechanisms of the lining of the stomach and duodenum. Simethicone naturally causes separation of the intestinal gases, and absorbed by the intestinal wall .
Emitted unchanged from the body. The active substances are finely dispersed , resulting in increasing their surface activity, good contact is made ​​with the mucous membrane, their elimination is delayed and extended the duration of their effect.
Almaloks suspension is used to relieve pain , acidity, heartburn , weight and pressure of gases accumulated inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, including caused by medicines , sores and ulcers in the stomach and duodenum, backflow of gastric contents into the esophagus , etc. . Can be used alone or in combination with other medicines.

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