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AmiColina – Food additive from apricot and hemp oil.
Apricot oil acts as a suppressor, helps with digestive problems and improves appetite. In eastern medicine, apricot kernel oil is used to treat ulcers and tumors, hemorrhoids, and ear and nose pain.
Hemp oil: Helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body
Recommended as a food that helps prevent heart attack. Contains a greater amount of digestible protein than meat, eggs, cheese, cow’s milk, or any other protein-rich food. Hemp seed tests confirm that hemp consists of a high quality protein that contains all 8 essential amino acids in proportions appropriate to human needs. The main proteins in the hemp are easy to digest. They consist of 80% edinase – the most digestible of all types of proteins. This gives him an advantage over the soy protein that must be cooked or absorbed to be absorbed by the body; Hemp is the only oilseed plant whose oil contains vitamin D needed for calcium absorption of the body;
Contains antioxidant vitamin E in large quantities;
60 capsules

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