AntiAge intensive hydro-lifting eye serum

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We have created the Anti-Ageing range by combining the latest achievements in biotechnology with the proven effects of collagen. Our skin care products’ advanced and innovative formulas aim to work effectively throughout all skin layers, stimulating its renewal, balancing the colour and protecting it against harmful effects of free radicals. With this effective care, your skin will look healthier and younger like never before. Serum is a unique skin care product. Due to a high dose of concentrated ingredients, it nourishes dry and slack skin around the eyes. Carefully selected tetrapeptides found in our product reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes and improve the permeability of blood vessels, preventing swelling. Peptides and collagen ensure regeneration and smooth out wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid joins collagen fibres and binds water molecules, making the skin firm. Red algae extract, rich in lipids, softens and strengthens the skin around the eyes, preventing the sagging of tissues. The formula ensures a smoother and brighter eye contour, so that the entire face gets a youthful appearance.

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