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Olive leaf extract tablet


• Nutritional help for blood pressure regulation

• Balances blood sugar levels

• Strong plant antioxidant

• Standardized to Oleuropein (EFLA® 943)

Olive tree is a widely cultivated plant in the Mediterranean region. Olives are normally used in nutrition as such or as pressed, healthy oil. Olive leaves are not oil-based but contain a number of healthy constituents, such as oleuropein, which has a good blood pressure reducing effect as well as positive influence on blood sugar and fat levels.


Oleoeuropein is a bitter principle which belongs to the chemical family of secoiridoid glycosides and which is responsible for the blood pressure lowering effects. Olive leaves also contain various flavonoids and flavones, e.g. luteoline and its glycosides – polyphenols that are strong antioxidants.


Antipress contains 350 mg patented EFLA® 943 olive leaf extract standardized to oleuropein (on the average 22 %, range of change 18 – 26 %). The effects of EFLA® 943 olive leaf extract have been proven in clinical trials. For example, a clinical trial carried out in Germany across a period of 8 weeks with twins confirmed a 10 % blood pressure reduction effect.


Ingredients in daily dosage (2 tabl.):


Olive leaves extract Benolea® EFLA® 943

    700 mg

Magnesium stearate E 460 ja E 468          

Silicon dioxide E 470b


 Daily dosage (2 tablets) contains:

EFLA® 943 olive leaf extract 700 mg

containing oleuropein 154 mg



One tablet twice per day.


Contains no lactose, gluten, sweeteners or yeast.



60 tablets / 30 g


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