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– EXCEPTIONAL complex of three native collagen proteins enriched with sericin and gold

– deep moisturizing
– slowing down the aging process of the skin 
– replenishing the skin’s collagen deficiency
– wonderfully soft, smooth even velvet skin
The newest anti-aging cosmetic from the family of transdermal collagen gels is Colway Atelocollagen. This unique composition is made up of three types of low-molecular col­lagen. The first one, isolated from fish skin molecules, which help retain triple helix (tropocollagen) confor­mation. The second is atelocollagen, or collagen also in the form of a tri­ple spiral, which, by being exposed to pepsin, attains an ideal biological purity known only to the producers of medicines. The third one is procol­lagen, composed of peptide chains, which only form collagen spirals by the process of collagenogenesis.

Moreover, the model of the collagen helix immersed in hydrogel is formed from elastin and non-ionic gold, which, in synergy with collagen pep­tides, act as ionic pump by accelerating migration of active ingredients and exchange of microelements, stim­ulating the process of skin cleansing through the skin. This prevents disco­louration, and has a soothing, as well as antibacterial and bio-stimulating effect.

Colway Atelocollagen owes its vel­vet feel to sericin, which is a fluid silk. It takes its aroma from natural rose oil and has a great absorbability thanks to very small protein aggregates in the collagen complex, utilised for the first time in cosmetology.

All of the collagen gels offered by Colway form native, transdermal and biologically active proteins. These unique on a world scale anti-aging products have a recognised effi­cacy and a long-standing reputation. Contrary to countless other creams, they do not fight the consequences but target the cause of the problem, and the main cause of wrinkles is col­lagen deficit.


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