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BB creme Au Ginseng 45ml


BB creme Au Ginseng 45ml

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The real secret of the perfect? Korean skin.
The new gesture h beauty of European woman.
Unify the complexion and conceal imperfections.
Hydrates, nourishes and removes fine lines and wrinkles.
An effect «baby skin» perfect touch velor-satin finish. No need background-du-tan or powder!
Protects against harmful UV rays with SPF 25 slantsezshtiten factor.
How to use:

Put BB Cream with ginseng in small quantities directly to the skin.
Spread cream gently until texture adapt the complexion of your face. Formed fine protective layer on the skin surface, in which she calmly breathe.
Result: perfect skin without imperfections, gentle and suede, naturally. A real baby skin.
Effect 12h.



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