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Bearberry 120 tabs

How does it work? 

Bearberry tone supports normal urinary tract and kidneys. Dr. Toshkov treat inflammation of the kidneys and bladder with the help of Bearberry. According to him, Bearberry is the most powerful anti-inflammatory herb for chronic cystitis and chronic pyelonephritis. 

Is there any undesirable and side effects? 

Bearberry and no undesirable side effects. The product is marketed in 10 years and tolerance towards it is proven polozhitelna.Predozirane of Bearberry can not be obtained. Bearberry can not harm you because it is a real natural product, beneficial to your health. As it is not addictive and there are no toxic or allergic reactions. 

Stock (1 tablet in milligrams) 

– Inulin 175 mg. 

– Bearberry 325 mg. 

Herb used in Bearberry has proven origin and the highest quality in Bulgaria. Collected in the cleanest regions of Bulgaria – Rhodope Mountains, Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina. It is prepared for maximum ease by the patients. Does not contain preservatives, coloring agents and stabilizers. Inulin is a prebiotic obtained from the plant chicory and represents diet, soluble fiber with many positive health effects. Reception of inulin: increases the absorption of microelements – Ca, Mg, Fe and Zn; strengthens bone – joint system, balances the stomach acidity, enhances immunity, supports the development of beneficial bacteria – Lactobacillus and Bifidus. In the large intestine, inulin produces butyric acid, which has anti-cancer effect.

Use Directions:

Bearberry is taken from 3 to 6 tablets daily after meals and the maintenance dose recommended by Dr. Toshkov is from 1 to 3 tablets. The favorable effect of Bearberry occurs after the third week of dosing. To achieve permanent results it should be taken continuously (at least 5-6 months).

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