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Beauty Complex


Beauty Complex

Doppelherz Active Beauty Complex 60 caps

A daily dose of beauty for the perfect woman !

Silica and collagen - for healthy and elastic skin.

Microelements and vitamins for vibrant and radiant hair and skin.

In case of nail fragility.

Silica - the mineral of beauty

You would not have guessed, would you ?! It turns out that silicon, which is the second most common element in nature and the third most common in the human body, has a serious attitude to beauty. It is important for the optimal synthesis of collagen and makes the skin healthy and elastic. When the amount of collagen in the skin decreases, silicon stimulates its production and promotes faster recovery of skin cells. Also, silicate is particularly suited to combat problematic skin (prone to pimples and enlarged pores) - increased collagen production makes the skin's surface layer healthier. This also leads to less susceptibility to the impact of pollutants - cigarette smoke, dirty air and chemical contaminants. In addition, silicon helps maintain skin hydration and wrinkle reduction in later age1,2.

Higher silicon content in hair helps to reduce hair loss and makes hair shiny. Quite often, hair loss and hair loss are the result of irrational eating, stress, use of styling products, painting, hot air treatment, frequent washing and climatic conditions. Additional intake of this mineral would help to restore the vitality of the hair, limiting its tearing and restoring its thickness1. Silicon is also one of the most important minerals that help hair growth.

Since this element is predominant in the structure of the nails, it also helps to strengthen them and makes them less fragile, while stimulating their growth.

The condition of the skin, hair and nails is the result of the processes that occur in our body and can be an indicator of lack of vitamins. Stress, strict diets, inadequate sleep, and changing weather conditions influence not only our health but also our beauty.

If you want to have radiant skin, brilliant hair and healthy claws, silicon is your new best friend.

Two Doppelherz tablets per day provide 1000 mg of silicate minerals for your natural beauty! Additionally, the Doppelherz® Beauty Complex is a multivitamin product and provides the body with a complete combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to maintain aesthetic appearance.

Let's look in more detail on the active ingredients contained in the Doppelherz® Beauty Complex and the effect of their intake:

What are the important nutrients for the skin?

- Silicate minerals - a natural rich source of silicon mineral

- Collagen - a major building block of connective tissue, responsible for skin elasticity and strength.

- Vitamins B2 and biotin, as well as the zinc micronutrient - contribute to the normal condition of the skin.

- Vitamin C - provides cellular protection. Additionally, it promotes self-collagen formation in the body.

What are the Essential Nutrients for Hair?

- Silicate minerals - have a bearing on hair shine and hair loss

- The B-vitamin, as well as the selenium and zinc trace elements, promote normal hair condition

- The copper element contributes to the normal pigmentation of the hair responsible for maintaining its color

- The molybdenum microelement contributes to the normal flow of metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids, an important part of the structure of each hair.

 - Vitamin B6 helps cysteine ​​synthesis. This amino acid is responsible for the formation of keratin, which is involved in the formation of hairs and nails.

Important Nail Nutrients:

- Silicate minerals - stimulate the growth of nails and limit their fragility

- Zinc and selenium microelements maintain normal nail state.

- Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and the microelement copper contribute to the normal flow of metabolism and energy production, while folic acid is involved in the process of cell division. All of them are important for faster recovery and growth.

Recommended Intake:

Take 2 tablets a day with enough fluid. Do not chew.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Nutritional supplements can not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Not suitable for children and adolescents



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