Bellaform Buntnessel aktiv Fettverbrenner x120 caps Fettverbrenner is a natural preparation that stimulates the burning of excess fat on the abdomen, waist and other problem areas.

Bellaform Buntnessel contains extracts of plants known for their benefits in obesity and overweight (yerba mate, coleus forskolium / Indian nettle, guarana, etc.), pea protein to maintain muscle mass, chromium to control appetite and other ingredients whose combined action helps to sculpt the figure.


Taking Bellaform Buntnessel contributes to:
decrease in appetite
stimulating metabolism
regulation of blood sugar levels
reducing the number of fat cells and reducing the amount of fat they retain
burning fat and using it for energy
building and maintaining lean body mass

For best results, combine the intake of Bellaform Buntnessel aktiv Fettverbrenner with physical activity – even moderate sports activities can increase the benefits of the product and accelerate its effects on the body.

A healthy diet is a mandatory element of the overall program for reducing fat and normalizing body weight.

As Bellaform Buntnessel aktiv Fettverbrenner increases energy levels and contributes to maintaining optimal physical endurance, it is also a suitable choice for people practicing active sports.


Mate (leaf powder and powder)
205 mg

410 mg

Coleus forskolium (extract)
125 mg

250 mg

Guarana (extract)
50 mg

100 mg

1.125 mg

2.25 mg

5 µg

10 µg


Mate leaf powder and extract (20.5%), pea protein, inulin, coleus forskolium extract (12.5%), rice protein, grapefruit extract (7.5%), gynostema extract / Jiaogulan ( 5%), guarana extract (2.5%), mango extract (1%), orange extract (0.75%), release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, zinc gluconate, chromium (III) chloride.

Bellaform Buntnessel aktiv Fettverbrenner x120 caps Dosage:
4 tablets per day, preferably 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the afternoon before meals.


Bärbel Drexel