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Blanc de Creme 50ml


Blanc de Creme 50ml

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Smart, versatile cream based upon the traditional Korean medicine and tradition. The product works in several directions:
- Hydrates lasting and deep.
- Fights and pigmentation spots on the skin naturally.
- Flattens and clears the complexion of the skin.
Used in the formulation of the product for the first time ektrakti wild willow tree Candela and Korean chestnut act synergistically in preventing and reducing the existing spots and pigmentation. Blanc de Crème evens and brightens the complexion with a visible glow.
Activin ingredients:
- Korean chestnut extract - reduces the production of melanin. Treat visible stains and reduces poavata new.
- Salicylic acid - accelerates cell renewal.
- Liquorice extract - a natural antioxidant.
Use: Before the serum and the usual day care. Use a cotton swab for perfect application.




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