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BPS 30ml


BPS 30ml


High-tech fluid with triple protection against UVA and UVB rays. Protects the DNA of skin cells. BPS effective fight against photo-aging, making skin look bright and in excellent health. Cell communicate ingredient beta-glucan builds breathable wall against aggressive action of free radicals.

Active ingredients:

* Beta-glucan - biological component (polysaccharide), obtained by fermenting yeast (yeast). Beta-glucan has a unique molecular structure that perfectly corresponds with the molecules of the skin. Due to its numerous qualities, beta-glucan is called "revolutionary."

   - Research undoubtedly prove the unique qualities of beta-glucan:

     ** Neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals.

     ** Supports skin moisture.

     ** Normalize the functions of the skin.

     ** Helps cell regeneration and restores the natural renewal process by improved immunity.

     ** Prevents and corrects sensitive skin type.

     ** Resumes skin radiance.

     ** Protects from harmful external factors.

     ** Reduced scarring.



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