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Calm and Relax and Sleep 20 caps


Calm and Relax and Sleep 20 caps

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Doppelherz Active Healthy Sleep 20 caps - melatonin, magnesium

For complete sleep and a fresh morning !

Relax and Sleep.

Selected plant extracts to help sleep - hops, lemon balm, lavender.

With added melatonin, magnesium, vitamin B6.

Maintaining a healthy and complete sleep.

A nice feeling when waking up.

Suitable for people suffering from stress and systematic lack of sleep.

Combination of selected plant extracts, magnesium, in vitamins and melatonin to facilitate sleep and complete sleep

Doppelherz Active Sleep is a combination suitable for people suffering from stress, who suffer from fatigue and lack of sleep, which can help restore restful sleep and rest.


Relaxation before sleep

Easy to sleep and maintain a healthy sleep

With magnesium and vitamin B6 to help the nervous system and reduce fatigue

With melatonin - proven to reduce sleep time.

Recommended intake:

1 capsule in the evening after a meal, 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Do not chew.


It is not recommended for use by pregnant women as well as for hypersensitivity to lavender or any of the other ingredients.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Nutritional supplements can not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

1 tablet contains:

Honey color extract 200 mg

Uterine leaf extract 100 mg

Lavender extract 30 mg

Melatonin 1 mg

Magnesium 56.3 mg

Vitamin B6 0.4 mg

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