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Cardioprotect is a formula of 12 herbs, prepared ayurvedic recipe that assist the heart and stimulates circulation. Composition helps to optimize the oxygen consumption of the heart and increases its adaptability to oxygen deficiency, eg. exercise and stress. Assists ponizhavane total cholesterol and triglycerides and optimization ratio HDL / LDL (good / bad cholesterol). Contribute to the inhibition of platelet aggregation and reduce the risk of thrombotic. Contributes to slow atherosclerotic changes and maintain patency of blood vessels. Excellent results in weight control.

Maintaining lipid balance and normal blood flow contributes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and accidents.

Cardioprotect have a beneficial effect on all who have risk factors for cardiovascular disease or accident (heart attack and stroke) – atherosclerosis, obesity, high cholesterol, family history, smoking, menopausal women and others.

Because of natural origin ingredients effects of Cardioprotect occurs smoothly and gradually. It is recommended that regular intake to maintain the effect.

Use Directions:

1 capsule after lunch and dinner.

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