Collagen Fortex Plus Sachets

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Collagen Fortex Plus Sachets


Collagen Fortex Plus Sachets

The Collagen Fortex 11 500 Plus containing a combination of collagen, glucosamine, vitamin C. And manganese, which promotes good health and condition of the joints, joints and tendons. Promotes their regeneration and has beneficial effects on the tissues and the skin. The product provides intensive regenerative care for the normal function of bones. Cartilage and skin, while protecting them against oxidative stress. Collagen is the major protein in connective tissue and is essential for the locomotory system, hair, skin and nails.

This Collagen Fortex Plus Sachets after 40-s

Our body naturally synthesizes this protein, but as the age progresses, the process slows down. And, after age 40, stops completely. This leads to the need for additional collagen intake. Glucosamine acts anti-inflammatory, relieves joint pain. And promotes the development of healthy cartilage tissue as well as stimulates collagen production. And improves joint and muscle function. Manganese is a mineral that is an integral part of many enzyme systems in the body. It helps the development of bone tissue and keeps the joint fluid in normal condition.

Collagen Fortex Plus Sachets – how to use



The content of 1 sachet is poured in small portions in 150 ml. warm liquid – tea, milk or water. Mix thoroughly until the mixture is completely dissolved and immediately drink.

The recommended daily dose is 1 sachet.

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