Collagen lip care

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  • They stretch, moisten and regenerate
  • Smooth and seal the skin
  • Vitamin E soothes the epidermis and eliminates inflammation
  • Vitamin C acts as a backup in the treatment of bacterial infections
  • The set contains 3 pieces
  • The problem of dry lips is annoying and irritating modern women and men. Dry air, wind, sun and cold cause dryness, irritation and cracking of the lips. Thanks to Collagen Collagen’s regular Collagen care, your lips will become beautiful and soft.
  • Collagen in the company of elastin stretches, moisturizes and regenerates the dried epidermis of the lips. Natural oils (argano and jojoba) smooth and seal the skin, while protecting it from aging processes. Complete care is complemented by vitamins, the effect of which is widely appreciated today in cosmetics. Vitamin E soothes the epidermis and eliminates inflammation, while vitamin C acts as an adjunct to the treatment of bacterial infections. We also used oligo peptides that penetrate deep into the skin and activate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  • Thanks to all this, the surface of the lips becomes smoother and more elastic. Colway’s handmade is a rich serum that provides complex and year-round care of your lips.

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