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Colvita 60 capsules – nutri-collagen


Colvita 60 capsules – nutri-collagen

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Colvita 60 capsules

Colvita is a result of a sensational invention of Polish biotechnology - natural collagen obtained from fish skin.

Colvita is a new approach to the problem "how to look after" tissues build from collagen. You can experience how the supplementation works from inside of your body. Colvita is a coronation of biotechnological works on products obtained from fish collagen which stops the time. Take 2 pills a day and your skin will be smooth, soft and perfectly moistured. In addition, if used together with collagen gell (on your skin) you will look much more younger.

Chains of human collagen are build from 20 amino acids. Only part of them is produced by human organism. The rest of them have to be delivered with food. Colvita supplementation helps in a constant rebuilding of amino acids for cells producing and servicing collagen.

Colvita is produced from freeze-drying of fish collagen.
Freeze-drying - it is freezing of pure collagen up to minus 40 C in vaccum and elimination of water (drying). It guarantees the highest degree of purity of the product and the least weight. This product "swells" in the alimentary canal several dozen times according to its volume, which is benefitial for people who want to loose weight. Also amino acids ( ingridient of collagen) are highly absorbed here and their synthesis is supported by vitamin E, minerals and vitamin C(present in alga).

Ingredients and their characteristics.

Collagen - the most important protein of human body and the most important component of connective tissue. It is responsible for skin condition, eyeball, bones, hair and nails. According to the recent research human age can be easily recognised by skin condition. All diet supplements in the world market, advertising ingredients of collagen in their products, have in fact gelatine. Absorbtion of gelatine in comparison to fish collagen is absolutely incomparable. Collagen included in Colvita fulfils diet in ingredients which are very rarely obtained by organism from everyday food and are not delivered by any other produced supplement.

Alga - selected as one of ingridients of colvita as it shows synergy with fish collagen. Also are rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, chromium, iodine, and vitamins B and C. On top of it selenium and zinc- microelements which are very important for collagen synthesis.
Algae fasten metabolism, help in constipation, lower cholesterol level, increase immunity, strengthening hair and nails. Moreover, algae improve blood supply of skin.

Vitamin E - ingredient of many diet supplements. However activity of synthetic vitamin E is in comparison with the one obtained from natural food very poor. In colvita the newest, biotechnological formula of vitamin E with 100% of biological activity was used. Pharmacological characteristics decided that vitamin E was chosen as an ingredient of colvita and its influence on acquisition of protein.Witamin E determines synthesis of collagen in organism. Another vitamin which determines synthesis of collagen is vitamin C. Colvita contains Vitamin C but it is below of daily requirements.


* conditions skin from within making it smooth, elastic and soft;
* moisturises deeper layers of connective tissue;
* used regularly slows aging processes of tissues;
* regenerates structures of the wlasciwej connective tissue, cartilage tissue, bone tissue, collagen structures of eyeball and hair;
* recommended for active people, metabolizing protein at physical work, in training building up muscles;
* recommended during rehabilitation after (mechanical) injury of motor organs and joints.

COLVITA has been created in accordance with directives defined by nutritionists, immunologists and dermatologists in:

* freeze-drying of protein of fish background;
* selection of active ingredients and their doses;
* constant verification of ingredients quality;
* respondents opinion on product’s effectiveness.

After 2 months of regular usage first symptoms of COLVITA effectiveness are seen. Hair and tissues supporting skin are stronger, which makes skin more firm and moistured. After 4-6 months of supplementation we can expect effects that are better not described here as that could be taken as advertising COLVITA as a medication, which it is not.

According to opinions of (current) consumers and COLVITA specialists:

* stops/slows down the processes of skin wrinkling;
* conditions connective tissue from within;
* keeping water in deep layers of skin;
* eliminates considerable part of dry skin problems;
* improves condition of hair, nails and bone structure/matrix;
* influences / effects many organic changes and has many revitalising properties;
* supports loosing weight / helps to loose weight.

COLVITA supplementation will not replace varied diet and is not recommended as the only source of supplementation. COLVITA was not meant to be a panacea and does not contain many other active substances, also those that would increase synthesis of collagen (eg. vit. C).
Use Directions:
2 capsules daily, preferably after or during a meal due to vit. E presence which dissolves only in fats. Stop using in case of hypersensitiveness to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children.

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