COLWAY Anti-cellulite serum

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  • Reduction of body weight.
  • Reducing excess water and sodium.
  • Reduced chest circumference and hips.
  • Reduce the visibility of “orange skin”.
  • Improving microcirculation.
  • Improved hydration, density and elasticity of the skin.

You dream of smooth skin on your legs and buttocks. Worth every day to find time to work on the density, elasticity and smoothness of your body. Do not delay for milking procedures with our Modern Serum with anti-cellulite action. Your cell wrangle becomes lighter and more efficient. The broad-spectrum action of Modeling Serum facilitates lipolysis (fat degradation) and activates microcirculation to enhance drainage of tissues and discard accumulated water and toxins.

At the beginning of this century the cell became a real problem for women. It affects another 95% of mature white women. Causes of this lie in the wrong diet, lack of movement, genetic factors and excess female sex hormones – estrogens. And ultimately – in the structure of the female skin and the connective fibers in it.

It is wrong that the opinion formed in the twentieth century is that there is no salvation against cellulite. Colway does not promise miracles but never offers ordinary things! Our products are always non-standard and leading. This is also the anti-cellulite serum. This is the best that can be offered today by world cosmetology. There is no product with so much versatile action on the market. Extra-balsam with smell and color of cappuccino.


200 ml

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