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Gluten Control 300 mg 60 caps

Gluten control is a nutritional supplement developed specifically for the easier digestion of casein, gluten and other irritating proteins contained in food.

The product contains dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV). It is an enzyme complex that breaks down casein and gluten.

The formula also includes 5 additional proteases, each with unique and specific digestive activity, which support DPP-IV for overall protein reduction. The enzymes lipase, amylase and lactase also facilitate overall digestion.

It has been scientifically proven that uncharged proteins can enter the bloodstream through the “permeable intestine” and lead to various autoimmune problems.

Gluten and casein are complex, large molecules with multiple amino acids rolled sequentially into a molecule that resembles a ball of yarn. Without enough enzymes to break down amino acid bonds, they can remain inaccessible. This leads to the formation of a protein that is partially digested. These smaller peptide bonds are long enough to cause digestive problems such as bloating, gas, constipation, occasional rare stools, fatigue, and even can cause severe gastrointestinal inflammation.

Gluten control deals with the inappropriate digestion of carbohydrates with the help of two types of amylase, and cellulase and glucomylase decompose sugar and carbohydrates completely.

Avoiding casein and gluten in food is a difficult and almost impossible task, because even with a strict free-casein and gluten-free diet, many products can be hidden sources of these proteins.

The food supplement can also be used as a supplement to a casein-free and gluten-free diet. It relieves the stresses caused by hidden caseins and gluten, helping these proteins to be properly absorbed and degraded.

Sources of hidden gluten

Cubes of broth, curry powder, blue cheese, caramel flavor or color, flavored / flavored instant coffee or tea, chocolate milk and beverages, food colors, cereal spirit (beer, scotch, rye, grain vodka or bourbon) (such as chewing gum, sausage, minced meat), soy sauce, salad dressing, soy sauce, salad dressing , spices or mixtures thereof, plants starch, plant proteins, vinegar (white or malt).

Single dose composition :

Dipeptityl Peptidase IV (DPP-IV)

SEB-Pro (GR) (Protease I,

Protease II, Protease III,

Protease IV, Protease V) 84 mg

Amylase 52 mg

Glucoamylase 18 mg

Cellulase 15.5 mg

HemiSEB (Hemicellulose,

Beta-glucanase, Xylanase,

Pectinase and Phytase) 8 mg

Alpha-galactosidase 8 mg

Lactase 7.5 mg

Lipase 7 mg

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose – E460.

Recommended daily dose:

1 capsule with each meal or as prescribed by a doctor.


When taking other medicines, pregnancy or breastfeeding should only be taken after consultation with a doctor.

Contraindications: None.

Packing: 60 capsules.


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Herba medica
Herba medica

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