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Doppelherz aktiv Joint Capsules


Doppelherz aktiv Joint Capsules

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Doppelherz aktiv Joint Capsules

Essential nutrients for building cartilage, joint and bone health

Joint health depends crucially on joint cartilage nutrient metabolism, including the production of sufficient synovial fluid (the fluid that lubricates and protects a joint and its surface).

You may need supplementary nutrients if your joints are subject to wear and tear day in day out: on the job

when doing sports (jogging, biking or playing football can put a lot of stress on your knee and ankle joints) if you are overweight in the second half of life


Each capsule contains:

600 mg Glucosamine Sulphate, 50 mg Chondroitin Sulphate, 10 mg Vitamin E, 50 mg Vitamin C, 5 mg Zinc, 30 μg Selenium and 2 mg Vitamin B6.


Take 1 capsule unchewed with sufficient liquid per day.

One capsule is equivalent to 0.8 kcal / 3.4 kJ.

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