Ducray Anacaps 90 caps

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Ducray Anacaps 90 Caps

Ducray Anacaps offers Hair Loss Food Supplement ninety caps


To help you to take care of the balance energy of the hair bulb, the medical specialty laboratories Ducray developed an inventive organic process complement composed of a nourishment complicated, minerals & vitamins, trace parts and of isoflavones of soya (without GMO).

Following gathered analysis, the Ducray laboratories could highlight the role of the isoflavones of soya at the level of the mechanism of growth of the hair, like their anti radicalizing action, thus fighting against the ageing of the dermic papilla.

The formula contains conjointly natural sulphur amino acids brought by extracts of plants, useful for the development of the keratin of the hair.

+52% of evolution of the trichogramme (improvement of the quantitative relation of the hair in part of growth compared to those in part of fall). Improvement of the solidity of

the hair sensible and extremely sensible tolerance at ninety two per cents of the topics 

A way to use: – Take two caplets  per day with a water glass.

By oral approach – suggested for three months Cure.


Oil of onager, extract of growth of bamboo 40 Mg (silica vegetable), extracted from cress 40 Mg (vegetable sulphur), emulsifier yellow beeswax, sulphates Zn 20,625 Mg is Zn 7,5 Mg, extract of soya 10 Mg, vitamin PP 9 Mg, vitamin E 5 Mg, lecithin of soya, vitamin B5 3 Mg, vitamin B6 1 Mg, vitamin B8 0,075 Mg, marine

gelatine, glycerin, starch of corn, dyes E 171 and E a hundred and ten, excipients qsp a capsule.

Use Directions:

Take 1 caplets per day with a water glass – By oral way – Recommended for 3 months Cure.

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