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Ducray Chronostim-2 x 50ml


Ducray Chronostim-2 x 50ml

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Ducray Chronostim.


The first Thining treatment adapted to the biological rhythms (chronic falls) Scalp and the pilous follicule, as any alive body are subjected at biological intervals which control the cellular activities. There is a rhythm "day/night" of the enzymatic activity responsible for the fall of the hair; its rhythm is particularly intense the morning. The evening, on the other hand, the cellular activity and the cutaneous permeability are increased.

Spray 7 pulverizations on the whole of the dry or slightly wet scalp.

- 1 morning application and evening, of the adequate formula - not to rinse

- 3 months Treatment advised Chronostim treatment thining Hair "day/night" acts in a synchronous way with the natural biological metabolisms of the scalp. Thus Chronostim delivers each one of its actifs ingredients thining hair specific to the most convenient moment of the day.

The formula Chronostim morning, containing Sabal serrulata enriched in lauric acid, slows down the fall by inhibiting the enzymatic activity one of the factors responsible for the fall of the hair. The formula Chronostim evening, enriched in Nйoruscine, because of the best cutaneous permeability and of the intense cellular activity makes it possible to stimulate the growth of the hair, by supporting the production of VEGF, essential factor of growth of the hair.

Chronostim is agreeably scented, not fat and 2 annual cures, at the time of the changes of season, will allow you to find a beautiful hair.


INCI formula : Chronostim "morning" : sd alcohol 39-C (alcohol denat), cyclomethicone, lauric acid, fragrance (parfum), glycyrrhetinic acid, sereno serrulata fruit 

Size: 2 x 50 ml.

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