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Ducray Creastim Reactiv Lotion against reactive hair loss x60 ml


Ducray Creastim Reactiv Lotion Anti-Hair Loss 60 ml

Ducray Creastim Reactiv Anti-Hair Loss Lotion is a lotion against reactive hair loss caused by stress, diets, postpartum. Stimulates hair growth for thicker and stronger hair.

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Ducray Creastim Reactiv Lotion against reactive hair loss x60 ml - Occasional hair loss generally occurs in women and is caused by factors such as stress, postpartum periods, season changes, concomitant medication or an emotional shock.


Enriched in creatine, vitamins and tetrapeptide Ducray Creastim Reactiv Lotion against reactive hair loss x60 ml is the ideal solution in case of occasional hair loss. Thanks to its combination of actives, the lotion will act as a catalyst by encouraging proliferation of hair root cells, providing the necessary energy and stimulating the main factors implicated in the maintaining of the hair growth phase and the microcirculation of the scalp.

After one month of treatment, the hair mass is increased because the hair loss is stopped. The hair is fortified, gains in density and recovers its volume and vitality.
Its texture is adapted to all hair types even sensitive ones, penetrates easily and rapidly letting no greasy film on the hair.
Paraben-free. Tested under dermatological control.Formulated for sudden thinning hair.
Nourishes and strengthens suddenly thinning, devitalized hair.
Helps restore hair volume, vitality and density.
Helps promote nutritional exchanges in the hair bulb.
Suitable for use during breastfeeding.
Method of use:
Apply 4 doses x 0.6 ml to the entire dry or parched scalp, 3 times a week. Using your fingers, massage well to facilitate the penetration of the lotion. No rinsing. It can be applied to a scalp damaged by oncological treatment. It can be used by pregnant women (from the 3rd month of pregnancy) and nursing mothers.
Warning for use:
Do not spray in eyes . Do not breathe . Use in well ventilated area . Do not swallow . For external use only Do not use in children and adolescents.

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