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Echinacea 60


Echinacea 60



For reinforcing immunity and quicker recovery

beneficial effect against viral infections and catarrhal illnesses.

helps to reinforce the organism’s immune system.

the effect is augmented by Siberian ginseng – it stimulates the organism and strengthens vitality.

For centuries, echinacea has been one of the most important curative plants. It is used to treat colds and to support the organism’s immune response. Moreover, the preparation contains ginseng extracts, which help to increase resistance to stress and other negative lifestyle influences and, on the whole, reinforce both physical and mental condition.


Echinacea purpurea extract 132,00 mg Siberian ginseng extract 25,00 mg


2-3 tablets a day best after meal, rinse down with water.

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Weight 30 kg
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