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Doppelherz Active Energy-Start Direct – 20 sachets

DIRECT Energy always with you!

For good concentration and mental activity.

Reduces the feeling of fatigue and fatigue.

For the normal flow of metabolism and energy production.
New form – micropellets – direct intake without water at any time.
Quick action and pleasant taste.
Direct intake without water at any time
Doppelherz Active Energy-Start tones and gives energy.
• Caffeine helps to keep attention and concentration.
• Vitamin B12 helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
• Pantothenic acid B5 promotes normal cognitive function.
Keep out of the reach of small children at temperatures below 25 ° C!
Recommended Intake:
Take the contents of one sachet a day.
Pour the micropellets directly onto your tongue, allow them to dissolve and swallow for a while.
Please open the sachet in the direction of the arrow.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Nutritional supplements can not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Composition 1 sachet :
Caffeine – 75 mg
Vitamin B1 – 1.1 mg
Pantothenic acid – 6 mg
Vitamin B12 – 2.5 μg
Taurine – 100 mg
Dextrose – 1 g

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