Eucapil Hair loss treatment blocks the mechanism of hair separation from the follicles. As a result, hair loss is stopped and new healthy hairs emerge. To be effective, it should start at the very first signs of hair loss.

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Interpharma became established by a set of healthcare experts with substantial experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With extensive and long revel in the pharmaceutical industry, Interpharma is No.1 in the Nutraceuticals. With their diverse range of products, they offer solutions to common health problems.

They offer a premium range of products that are designed to prevent disease, maintain health and improve the quality of life. Eucapil Hair loss treatment is one of them that blocks the mechanism of hair separation from the follicles. As a result, hair loss stops and new healthy hair emerges. To be effective, it should start at the very first signs of hair loss.

Eucapil is designed not to be resorbed systemically and to behave most effectively topically on the scalp skin.  Effect of Eucapil formulated as gel has been studied in facial hirsutism (immoderate growth of hair in women) wherein the male hormone promotes hair growth (in contradistinction to the scalp). Daily application of Eucapil will not affect the regular ranges of testosterone withinside the body.

What is the topical/local half-life before Eucapil is absorbed/distributed into the circulation?

Eucapil is designed not to be resorbed systemically and to act only topically on the scalp skin. Not even traces of fluridil ( measured at the extremely low level of 5 nanograms /ml) or its decomposition products were found in the blood or urine of the subjects who used the product over an extended period of time.

Fluridil is also designed to degrade in an aqueous environment, such as if accidentally swallowed. The topical half-life (on the skin) cannot be determined as it depends on the individual humidity and overall condition of the skin.

How soon can we expect the release of Eucapil in France and other European countries?

The substance fluridil has been registered via France in the EU, and approval of Eucapil as a cosmetic hair-care agent has been granted in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Several other countries have also approved the product as a cosmetic agent.

Can patients use minoxidil or perhaps other water-based topicals in combination with Eucapil? If people can use minoxidil in combination with fluridil, do they apply minoxidil before, after or simultaneously with Eucapil?

We have not studied the combination of Eucapil and minoxidil. If users of Eucapil decide to explore such a combination, it would be reasonable – for the reasons of stability stated above – that minoxidil is applied first and then Eucapil after, when the scalp is completely dry, surely not at the same time. It should be considered that most formulations of minoxidil contain water which can cause Eucapil to decompose.

 How does Eucapil work?

Eucapil Hair Loss Treatment works by blocking the mechanism that causes hair to fall out of follicles. Hair loss is halted, and new, healthy hairs sprout as a result. It must begin at the first signs of hair loss in order to be effective.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eucapil Anti- Hair Loss Serum

Q 1. Will Eucapil affect hair in other regions of the body?

Ans: Eucapil applied to the scalp skin will promote hair growth only in that region. Effect of Eucapil formulated as the gel has been studied in facial hirsutism (excessive growth of hair in women) where the male hormone promotes hair growth (in contradistinction to the scalp).

Q 2. Will Eucapil affect the body systemically?

Ans: Daily application of Eucapil has not affected the normal levels of testosterone in the body. This was demonstrated in a 12-month clinical trial in young males. (see the article).

Q 3. What will happen if Eucapil gets into my eyes?

Ans: If Eucapil runs into the eyes during the application, the eyes should be immediately flushed with copious amounts of water. The studies indicate that Eucapil has a low irritation potential and any ocular irritancy observed in safety studies proved to be completely reversible. As noted in our package insert, we recommend applying Eucapil with the head tilted back to facilitate its distribution and to prevent exposure to the eyes.

Q 4. Is the isopropyl alcohol formulation of Eucapil safe?

Ans: Isopropyl alcohol, also known by its common name rubbing alcohol, is used in many cosmetic products, is listed in the Pharmacopeias as a useful topical vehicle that has low hazard potential to human health.

Q 5. When is the best time to apply Eucapil?

Ans: Although it is recommended that Eucapil be applied at bedtime, it can be used any time, provided that the scalp is dry.

Q 6. Will shampoo affect Eucapil?

Ans: No, but for maximum effectiveness, Eucapil should not be washed away soon after the application. It can be applied after shampooing, making certain first that the scalp is completely dry.

Q 7. What about Eucapil and sun exposure?

Ans: While using Eucapil, it is not recommended to expose the scalp to the strong sun: sunburn, the scalp inflammatory reaction, might be potentiated.

Q 8. Can Eucapil be used with other topical hair loss treatments?

Ans: We hear that some customers are using Eucapil concurrently with other hair loss treatments. The effectiveness or safety of Eucapil in combinations has not yet been studied. Eucapil may not be applied simultaneously with water-based products.

Q 9. Can women use Eucapil?

Ans: Eucapil is safe for the treatment of hair loss in women. As a precaution, it should not be used by women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant.

Q 10. What side effects can I expect from Eucapil?

Ans: To this day, no side effects have been observed from daily topical use of Eucapil when used as described in the product insert. Patients with a propensity toward seborrheic dermatitis (scalp irritation) may experience a flare-up of their condition attributable to the topical rubbing alcohol component of Eucapil . These events proved reversible upon cessation of use.

Q 11. How long must I use Eucapil?

Ans: Eucapil should be used daily, as long as necessary. We cannot predict individual responsiveness.

Q 12. Can I increase the dose of Eucapil?

Ans: There is no evidence that increasing the daily dose of Eucapil would increase its effectiveness.

Q 13. Can I use Eucapil twice daily?

Ans: The current studies indicate that once a day application of Eucapil is sufficient.

Q 14. Can Eucapil be used with all colours and types of hair?

Ans: Yes, but we have occasionally seen that white hair can acquire a light yellowish hue which nevertheless can readily be washed away.

Q 15. Is Eucapil still effective if people shampoo their hair daily? Is it absolutely necessary that the user shampoos no more than once or twice a week?

Ans: First, one would generally assume that applying anything on the scalp and then washing it right away would probably be counter-productive. Second, Eucapil was designed to degrade in the water environment. This is a security feature. Eucapil is resorbed into the skin only, there is no evidence for systemic resorption and any side effects: Eucapil was designed to decompose should it for whatever reason enter the body, (such as accidental ingestion).

Therefore, it is important not to apply fluridil to the scalp when wet. Third, shampoos remove the skin and hair fat effectively and thus signal to the sebaceous glands to work harder: a vicious circle is thus established. We hear from Eucapil users who have reduced their shampooing frequency, washed hair with warm water and some soap only, or used the so-called “dry shampoos” that although it took many weeks before the scalp glands´ activity returned to normal, it eventually did.

Q 16. Will Eucapil be effective if applied to the hair?

Ans: Eucapil was designed to be applied directly to the scalp in order to enter the hair follicles thus affecting the hair loss and promoting the strengthening of the hair stem. Application of Eucapil to the hair only would thus not be effective.

Q 17. How would you compare the effectiveness of Eucapil to that of finasteride, dutasteride and minoxidil, respectively?

Ans: Eucapil has not yet been tested in a comparative study with the above media. The data in the Drug Development Research can be compared to the published data for these and other products.


Interpharma Praha, A.S, the manufacturer of fluridil and Eucapil, and Biophysica, Inc., the holder of patent rights to fluridil, are not responsible for the correctness, completeness, reliability or usefulness of the information provided below. Viewing these questions does not constitute a consultation or the rendering of advice. While there may be information below related to certain medical conditions and their treatment, should a medical condition exist, promptly see your own physician or health care provider. Please consult the labelling of this cosmetic product before using it.




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