Eye Contour Collagen Elixir

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  • It actively prevents premature aging of the skin around the eyes.
  • Takes care of the pretentious and drooping skin.
  • Moistens, smooths and seals the area around the eyes.
  • It acts soothingly and cleanses the shadows and swellings.
  • Revitalizes and restores the epidermis.
  • 15 ml
A new formulation with new ingredients. The components are selected not only to keep the eye area around new wrinkles, but also to eliminate existing ones. Smile, because thanks to the daily care of Elexura you will see in the mirror rested and nice eyes.
This refined and refined cream is designed for wrinkle therapy on the most sensitive part of the face skin – the areas under the eyes.
The preparation is rich in:
  • Collagen – extracted from fish skin through the world’s only method of isolating collagen molecules and preserving their triple-nosed structure inherent only in living organisms.
  • A growth factor for fibroblasts (FGF-1 / MicroTransDerm) was discovered specifically for Colway at the Cell Line Research Laboratory. It is a unique and very efficient globular protein – a complex of 155 amino acids encapsulated in lipid microspheres, through which it penetrates the epidermis and stimulates fibroblasts in the processes of neo-collagenogenesis.
  • Nannochloropsis oculata – the microalgae extract strengthens cell density, stretches delicate skin around the eyes and keeps it from thinning and withering.
  • Pepha-Tight – the latest biotech generation of Nannochloropsis oculata algae extract, linked to a very small fraction of polysaccharides.
  • Moist 24 – the Imperata Cylindrica Desert Plant Extract, which intensively moisturizes the skin for 24 hours and saturates it with active potassium compounds.The big hit in Elixir, replacing the matricins used in the previous formula, is: Eyeseryl – a biologically active tetrapeptide of the latest generation. It is legitimated with 95 percent efficiency in reducing the shadows and swelling of American application tests. Helps microcirculation and smooths wrinkles.
The active ingredients are supplemented by:
  • Aloe extract – extraordinarily rich in Eggogenic amino acids, vitamins A, C, E, as well as micro and macroelements such as calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, chromium and zinc, which ensure proper nourishment of the skin. Enzymes and hydroxy acids help eliminate the dead cells of the epidermis and help with its regeneration. It has antiseptic and tightening properties.
  • Vitamin E – one of the strongest natural antioxidants that traps free radicals that ruin the structure of the skin. The anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of vitamin E favor the formation of new tissues. This is the first substance in cosmetology with recognized and never challenged anti-age qualities.
  • Borage oil – used in the best and most expensive cosmetics. It contains the necessary unsaturated fatty acids. Soothes the irritations and counteracts the premature aging of the most delicate parts of the skin …
Saturation of Elixir with active substances exceeds any standards. When creating the new product formula, no compromise with component prices was made at the expense of its final quality. As a result, Elixir’s new formula emerged under the eyes, which not only does not yield to the best products in the world in this cosmetic group but in some ways even surpasses them. Elixir under the eyes is the decoration of the Colway Cosmetic Line.

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