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Eyebright, Bilberry & Lutein


Eyebright, Bilberry & Lutein

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SuperVision Eye Formula

Take Charge of Your Eyes with Lutein! 

The leading cause of blindness in adults over 40 is the degeneration of the macula of the eyes, called age-related macular degeneration or AMD. Those at the greatest risk of experiencing macular degeneration are smokers, Baby Boomers, women, and those with light-coloured irises (blue). 

The macula forms the central area of the retina, the better known part of the eyes that receive focused images of light for pick-up and transmission to the brain by the optic nerve. Macular degeneration disables this retinal function, leaving only a margin of peripheral vision. Such blindness for all practical purposes ushers in a loss of independence, an end to normal or robust sighted living, and effectively prevents enjoyable reading or fine finger work. 

SuperVision, Eye Formula with Lutein is a dietary supplement of lutein and other plant extracts that are known to benefit the eyes. It is designed for people who do not consistently consume green leafy vegetables and who may be at risk of macula or lens solar damage. It also provides Bilberry extract as well as a supply of Anthocyanidins, Rutin, and Quercetin. Collectively, these are bioflavonoid constituents that are associated with improved blood circulation to the retina, which enhances lutein delivery to the macula, and strengthening of the fine capillaries of the retina, as well as potent antioxidant protection of the retina. 

Use 1 to 3 capsules per day or as directed by a physician. SuperVision®, Eye Formula with Lutein constituents are not associated with adverse effects when taken internally. Do not use directly on the eyes. Unexpected allergy is always possible when using plant extracts. 

Critical Degeneration. 

A lifetime of exposure to solar light causes critical degeneration of the macula tissue, unless they are regularly supplied with the dietary pigment, lutein. The macula have been show to concentrate dietary lutein, and convert some of it into zeaxanthin as another related protective pigment. They belong to the carotinoids, the pigment class to which well known beta-carotene belongs. These pigments are able to absorb harmful blue light, modulating the exposure to solar damage. The evidence is clear that people who regularly consume green leafy vegetables as an important part of their weekly diet are at a significantly reduced risk for blindness due to the deterioration of the macula region of the retina. 


Another debilitating eye problem is the formation of cataracts, caused by solar damage to the lens proteins. The lens is also able to accumulate lutein to prevent cataracts and it has been found that when there is a high level of lutein in the macula, there is also a reduced incidence of cataracts. A Harvard University study examined the prevalence of cataracts in 50,000 nurses who responded to a dietary inquiry. It found that women who consumed five servings per week of spinach had significantly lower risk for cataracts than women who consumed five servings per week of carrots, sweet potatoes, or winter squash. This study bears out the understanding that the green leafy vegetables are the best sources of lutein.

Use Directions:

1-3 capsules daily.

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