Feminorm Osteo

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Feminorm Osteo 30 capsules

For menopause and healthy bones

What is Feminorm Osteo?

A natural combination that has a beneficial effect on menopause and bone health

What does Feminorm Osteo contain?

Clover Clover Extract – 250 mg

Extract from roots of silver candle – 30 mg

Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) – 10 μg

When to take Feminorm Osteo?

To manage menopausal disorders and maintain bone health

How does Feminorm Osteo work?

Favorably menopause and bone tissue

Vitamin D contributes to maintaining normal bone status, muscle function as well as normal calcium and phosphorus digestion

How to take Feminorm Osteo?

1 plant capsule per day

What are the benefits of Feminorm Osteo?

A combination of two powerful phytoestrogens and vitamin D

Innovative form – VGcaps (plant capsules)

Scientifically developed product with maximum purity and high quality

Does not contain artificial flavors and preservatives

100% natural product

It does not cause undesirable effects and is suitable for long-term use

How to store Feminorm Osteo?

In a dry, child-resistant place at temperatures below 25˚C.

Additional instructions:

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Do not use as a substitute for varied meals

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