Fitoval 180 Capsules

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Fitoval 180 Capsules

FITOVAL biological way in hair loss treatment
capsules for biological nourishment for the hair
Your formula for thick and strong hair.
Reduced hair loss, increase in hair volume and better vitality of hair 
have been proven by the results of dermatological study.*
Active substances used in the products immediately give back your 
hair its fullness and provide a long-lasting solution to hair loss problems.

Each capsule contains:
Faex medicinails ianst. (Yeast) 200mg.
L-cystinum 100mg.
Calcii pantothenas 35mg.
Thiamini nitras (vitamin B1) 2mg.
Ribiflavinum (vitamin B2) 2mg.
Pyridoxini chloridum (vitamin B6) 2 mg.
Biothinum 0,1 mg.
Cyanocabalaminum (vitamin B12) 2mg.
Acidum folicum 0,2 mg.
Ferrum (iron, Fe2) 10mg.
Zincum (Zn2) 5 mg.
Cuprum (cooper, Cu2) 1 mg.

The energy content of one capsule is approximately 2,8 kJ (0,7 kcal)

Especially toxic substances which reach hair roots with blood stream exert negative effects on hair growth and structure. 
To maintain the normal structure and function of hairs, it is important the supply roots with necessary nutrients. 
These nutrients can be found in Fitoval capsules.

This complex of amino acids, vitamins and minerals helps to strengthen hair, improve their structure, 
accelerate regeneration and prevent excessive hair loss.