Fitoval Shampoo For Damaged Hair 100 ml

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Fitoval Shampoo For Damaged Hair 100 ml.



FITOVAL formula for broken hair may be a complete answer for effective care in low and dry hair.


Apply to damp hair, and lightweight massage movements and hair roots.

Leave at least 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Use for daily improvement at low and dry hair.

Against hair loss, to scale back daily hair loss, stimulate renewal hair . Strengthen the hair Reduce: hair loss in 47% of testing, dandruff in 53% and 80% oily.

Increasing: the degree of hair in sixty seven of testing, vitality at seventy two luster in seventy three.

Damaged hair may be a common development that principally affects ladies, and progressively additionally men.

Fashion trends dictate artistic hairstyles, hair coloring, ironing and different types of drying, all of which can have a harmful influence on hair.

As a result our hair passes through various more or less shiny stages and this also affects a person’s general wellbeing.

Damaged hair causes indisposition and contains a negative result on a human self-image.

However, this is not an insoluble problem.

Many factors with a harmful result on the hair are often avoided.

Existing harm is often repaired by mistreatment quality hair care merchandise.

How do we know that our hair is damaged?

Hair condition is evaluated by mistreatment criteria like suppleness, shine and straightforward haircare.

Loss of flexibleness is usually a consequence of mechanical harm and chemical processes.

The cuticle of a broken hair fibre has associated uneven surfaces, with many scraps, indents, cracks and typical jagged edges visible under the microscope.

Cuticular scales square measure compound and broken, that makes the hair is dry and porous.

Damaged hair is:

1. lacks shine,

2. breaks and splits easily,

3. no longer soft,

4. hard to the touch, difficult to comb out and it tangles easily,

5. more difficult to manage and style.

Which factors have a harmful result on the hair?

Ecological influences, like temperature differences, strong sun  and changes in air moisture harm the hair cuticle.

That’s why the hair changes its properties: it becomes dry and weak, loses its sparkle and agility, and in some cases its strength is reduced. The situation of hair and the attraction that results from it squares measure influenced not simply by the surroundings however additionally by the means we have a tendency to handle and manage our hair and by our general well-being.

The hair is generally broken by chemical and thermal processes and by excessive use of hairstyling merchandise.

Two quite common causes square measures improper care and use of inadequate or caliber hair care merchandise.

Hair damages may also result from long-term stress, illness, medication, hormonal changes, or it may be an indicator of an imbalanced diet, deficient in vitamins and minerals.

What structure does a hair fibre has?

The hair fibre consists of three concentric layers.

The medulla is encircled by the cortex that successively is roofed by the cuticle, the outer hair layer.

The cuticle consists of little overlapping scales that line from hair roots to hair ends.

Cosmetic hair care merchandise will hardly reach the hair medulla.

The hair cortex, that contains the natural pigment, is often compromised by dyeing, bleaching, perms and hair straightening.

The cuticle may be a hair structure section that is most susceptible to mechanical harm.

What effect does combing have on the hair?

Daily haircare with inadequate combs or brushes is that the main explanation for mechanical harm to the hair cuticle.

Combing of dry hair leaves the cuticle diluent, however, even a lot of intensive harm to the cuticle is finished once haircare wet hair.

Combing of tangled hair could cause intensive harm to a substantial section of hair, and even more damage is done when combing hair after bleaching, dyeing, perms or exposure

to strong sun’s rays.

What measures should be taken?

Hair harms are often prevented by avoiding the harmful factors.

Some of them like haircare squares measure ineluctable, although we are quite aware that they lead to hair damage and loss of shine.

When harm is already done, the issues are often solved by adequate merchandise for dermatologic hair care.


1. Regular trimming of hair ends improves the appearance of hair.

2. A balanced diet which contains sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals and is complemented by biological nutrition of hair strengthens the hair.

3. Consumption of a superiority dermatological shampoo can reduce hair damage and restore the hair’s natural shine.

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