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When do we recommend maintenance anti-dandruff dermatological shampoo?
In case of mild to moderate dandruff and in case of occasional dandruff.
For long-term effect and protection against dandruff recurrence after finished care with intensive shampoo.
visibly purified scalp: 90%*
soothed scalp: 80%*
fresh feeling: 100%*
stronger, softer and more radiant hair: 95%*
* Self-evaluation of 20 subjects in the dermatologically controlled research study after 4 weeks of use, Dermatological Research Centre in Germany.
Action of active ingredients*
Zinc PT-S Complex:: zinc pyrithione and white willow extrac /Salix alba/
Zinc pyrithione and white willow extract /Salix alba/ with synergistic effect control the growth of Malassezia fungi, also of  M. globosa and M. restricta fungi, and reduce their number.
Zinc pyrithione
inhibits the excessive epidermal regeneration
exerts an antifungal activity, also with prolonged effect
supports normal epidermal keratinisation and sebum production
White willow /Salix alba/
contains salicin and exhibits a keratolytic activity
exerts also an anti-inflammatory effect
Hydroxyethyl urea
Helps to preserve the protective scalp layer.
Recommended use
For regular hair washing.
Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage the scalp thoroughly in order to distribute the foam evenly over the scalp. Allow to work for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure, but this time rinse thoroughly immediately after massage. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Suitable for all types of hair and scalp.
If dandruff reappears after some time, we recommend repeated use of intensive or maintenance shampoo depending on dandruff severity.

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