Folivit Fero

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Folivit Fero 30 caps

The ingredients of Folivit Fero act together to aid in the formation of blood.


Effective combination of Folic acid, Iron and Vitamin B12 in a unique Solucaps form with favorable effect on hemopoieses. Innovative Solucaps form is created to facilitate quick and complete absorption of the active ingredients.


The ingredients of Folivit Fero act together to aid in the formation of blood.
Iron is indispensable for production of hemoglobin – pigment which carries oxygen. Iron deficiency may disturb the production of erythrocytes and tissue respiration. It is an element of many enzymes and is necessary for proper functioning of the organism.
Both vitamin B12 and folic acid are necessary for the production of DNA and RNA. It is therefore essential for proper cellular division and the transmission of the genetic code to all newly formed cells. It is also essential for the production of red blood cells. In women, folic acid is crucial for closure of the fetus’ neural tube during pregnancy.


  • The product is especially recommended for:
  • Deficiency anemia
  • Pregnant women and breast-feeding mother
  • Women suffering from profuse menstruation
  • After hemorrhage and blood donation
  • Children and adolescents in the period of rapid growth
  • Hyperhomocysteinemia
  • People on a diet low in animal products


1 Solucaps daily after meal.
Folivit is a trade-mark of BOROLA. The product has been manufactured in the USA in compliance with the highest standards of GMP. Folivit Fero is a food supplement.

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