For healthy sleep

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Vivatonin Good Night 30 caps

For healthy sleep

Combination of natural ingredients in high quantities with beneficial effects on the nervous system and sleep.

What Does Vivatonin Good Night Contain?

Valeriana root extract – 200 mg

Melatonin – 5 mg

When to Take Vivatonin Good Night?


To facilitate sleep, duration and quality of sleep

For a long sleep without waking

Nerve stress (stress)

To overcome the sense of anxiety

How Does Vivatonin Good Night Work?

Helps sleep

It helps to extend the duration of sleep

Helps reduce the frequency of night wakes

It influences favorably the biological clock, stress and mental stress, the activity of the vegetative nervous system, mood and immune functions

It helps to eliminate anxiety and improve concentration

Melatonin contributes to reducing sleep time and easier adaptation after jet lag travel,

Powerful antioxidant

How to take Vivatonin Good Night?

1 capsule in the evening, 30-60 minutes before sleep

It is not recommended in children, pregnant women and lactating women.

What are the benefits of Vivatonin Good Night?

Scientifically developed product with maximum purity and high quality

Highest concentrations of biologically active substances

Does not contain artificial flavors and preservatives

100% natural product

It does not cause undesirable effects and is suitable for long-term use

It does not cause dependence

How to Store Vivatonin Good Night?

In a dry, child-resistant place at temperatures below 25˚C.

Additional instructions:

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Do not use as a substitute for varied meals

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