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Healthy gums for healthy teeth


Healthy gums for healthy teeth

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INSADENT 30 caps

Healthy gums for healthy teeth

Insadent ingredients have a pharmacodynamic effect with anti-inflammatory and regenerative action on connective tissue and epithelium in the oral cavity.

30 liquid capsules x 490 mg

Food supplement

What is Insadent?

A natural product with a beneficial effect on the structure and functions of gums and periodontists

What does Insadent contain?

Corn hair extract - 30 mg

Folic acid (such as pheroylmonoglutamic acid) - 200 μg

When to take Insadent?

Problems with gums and periodontal

To remove bad breath from the mouth

Secondary xerostomia (dry mouth) of drug origin

How does Insadent work?

It has a beneficial effect on the structure and function of the gums and periodontium

Helps to stop resorption of alveolar bone by stimulating osteocyte activity

Favorably affects the production of saliva and reduces its viscosity

How to take Insadent?

1 liquid capsule 2 times a day

What are the benefits of Insadent?

Scientifically developed product with maximum purity and high quality

Innovative form - Solucaps (liquid capsules), which allows complete and rapid absorption by the body

Does not contain artificial flavors and preservatives

100% natural product

It does not cause undesirable effects and is suitable for long-term use

How to store Insadent?

In a dry, child-resistant place at temperatures below 25˚C.

Additional instructions:

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Do not use as a substitute for varied meals

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