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We recommend "HEPATOFELIN" because:


"HEPATOFELIN" is produced by CAPSUGEL - FRANCE especially for VITA HERB under the Licaps patented technology. This technology avoids the heat treatment of the active substance, thus preserving its useful properties and ensuring its rapid and complete absorption in the body.


Experts recommend "HEPATOFELIN" because it:


affects favourably the restorative processes of the liver;

helps for purification of the body from toxins and harmful substances, accumulated as a result of alcohol intake, medicine intake and smoking;

supports the regenerative functions of the liver cells;

increases digestion and gall secretion, enhances metabolism


“HEPATOFELIN” contains optimal dose SILYMARIN. There are scientific proofs for its beneficial effect on the liver health:


Prophylaxis and treatment of chronic hepatitis and liver inflammations: Various researches show that silymarin intake has positive effect on the tests of the liver enzymes in different types of hepatitis (chronic, virus or caused by alcohol)

Prophylaxis and treatment of liver cirrhosis, alcohol intoxication: in several European studies performed during a cirrhosis treatment with silymarin many of the patients show positive results. The damages of alcohol intoxication are affected beneficially after a few weeks treatment.

Liver detoxication and regeneration: there are proofs that active flavonoids in silymarin support the liver cells in their fight with different toxins. The functions of the liver are improved after intake of silymarin in patients, treated with damaging liver medicines.

You may trust "HEPATOFELIN" because:


„HEPATOFELIN” capsules meet the requirements for natural, clean and safe products, namely they are:

- solvent free

- preservative free;

- gluten free;

- sugar free;

- GMO-free.

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Vita Herb

Vita Herb
Vita Herb
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