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Herbal Energy BB cleanser


Herbal Energy BB cleanser

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One of the most sophisticated methods in the world in beauty care is that of Korean women. It is based on the principle of layering of skin care in the correct sequence to be perfect type. This ritual is transmitted through the generations for millennia.
The first two stages of layering are double scrubbing, which is the first step of detox ritual care, mandatory for a healthy and fresh skin.
Double cleaning combines with demakiyazh product fat content, followed by a water soluble product. Moreover, once a week, to include Asians double scrubbing and peeling one, for deep cleaning, which updated the skin, leaving it glowing and healthy.
Nowadays, active young woman has less time for the full ritual that remains the constantly searching for that perfect skin, which can only be achieved with daily attention to it.
So are born products hybrids who are experts in the care with multiple benefits.
With a generous and fine foam texture, HERBAL ENERGY BB CLEANSER, is a double cleanser with triple action!
1. Clean in depth with daily deep cleansing effect.
2. nourishes strong.
3. Enzyme peeling deletion pore effect "baby skin".

Immediate effect:
Free of makeup skin, eyes, complexion, lips;
Cleaning and detoxifying skin;
Gives daily fresh looking skin, defined as perfect skin, baby kind.
Lasting effect:
Gives more balanced complexion;
Younger looking skin;
Improves microcirculation.
More than cleansing mousse, a cocktail of active care detox every morning .



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