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Herbal Energy Cleanser 140ml


Herbal Energy Cleanser 140ml

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The HERBAL ENERGY CLEANSER is cleaning of 3 types of makeup: water-based oils (lipstick), silicone (mascara)

This is a product which:
  Stimulates microcirculation, thanks to their constituents
  Cleans all dirt and makeup, just one gesture.
Use: Every night for perfect cleaning
His plus: Removes waterproof mascara.
You can use it with circular massage movements for even greater results.
ERBORIAN - Korean knowledge, combined with European taste.
Erborian products are created in a laboratory in Seoul, based on centuries-old knowledge of herbalism. They contain special herbs for every skin type. Known for centuries Korean herbs are simultaneously tolerant and highly efficient because they are very pure and natural.
In Erbirian everything in the plant is in the cream:
- 90% natural ingredients
- Scientifically proven herbal ingredients
- Silk luxury emulsions
- Fast and long-term beauty skin
- Beautiful and healthy skin



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