Supports normal liver function and regeneration of liver cells.

Helps maintain healthy levels of liver enzymes.

Contributes to the purification of the liver.

Clinically proven formula.



Himalaya Liv 52 GNX For a healthy liver 60 vegan tablets is a nutritional supplement that helps maintain normal liver function and restore damaged liver cells. It also helps to have balanced levels of liver enzymes, to cleanse the liver, for the optimal absorption of nutrients. The nutritional supplement also favors a normal level of appetite and proper growth. It also supports the activity of the intestinal tract and digestion. It favors the normal functioning of the liver in people who frequently drink alcohol.

Clinically proven formula.

Recommended dose for daily intake:
1 tablet twice a day.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Himalaya Liv.52 GNX Ingredients
on 2 tablets (maximum daily dose):
Eclipta alba extract (false daisy) 285 mg
Coleus aromati extract 80 mg
Phyllanthus maderaspatensis extract 70 mg
Andrographis paniculata extract (Andrographis) 35 mg
Cichorium intybus extract (chicory) 30 mg