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IMUNOBOR Kids 30 caps


Immunostimulator especially developed for children

If your child often gets viral, bacterial and other infections

He/she needs Imunobor Kids


Unique combination of beta glucan and Echinacea.


Imunobor Kids has immuno-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.

It supposed to have the following mechanism of action:

ƒ stimulates the production of immune cells and antibodies

ƒ reinforces the activity of the immune cells to kill microorganisms

ƒ has a direct anti-microbial  effect

ƒ increases local immune protection of the bronchial, intestinal

and urinary tract mucosa

• have anti-inflammatory effect 

• stimulates wounds recovery

Usage :

• Children suffering from frequent illnesses

• Infections

• Prophylaxis

• Bacterial carrier state

• During and after antibiotic therapy

• Wound healing

Dosage :

1– 3 capsules daily before meal depending on the age of the child.

For smaller children the capsule may be opened.


Beta glucan has a beneficial interaction with some antibiotics and

increases their effectiveness.

Safety Issue

Imunobor Kids is a natural product and  no undesirable effects have

been observed.

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